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Arborists are dedicated tree professionals who have spent years perfecting their craft. They have had extensive training to gain an understanding of the complicated often far less than obvious needs of trees of all species.

An arborist can quickly and accurately asses your trees health, vitality and potential needs, then provide you with a clear plan on how to give the tree its best chance to thrive. Some trees however cannot be saved or need removing for various reasons and this can be a very dangerous task, an arborist has the skills and equipment to do so safely.

Any time you employ an arborist to work on your property you should make sure they have at least achieved a certificate 3 in Arboriculture. Insurance is also very important, ask to see their insurance policies, many companies are operating uninsured and should be avoided.

There are restrictions in place to protect our flora and fauna. Check out our “Council” tab to get any information you might need.

Yes, we have a mulcher to chip up all the debris and if you don’t want any mulch for your garden we can take it with us.

Yes we do, Please get in touch to arrange a delivery.

In short, you can only trim what directly stretches over your side of the boundary line. In our “council” tab you will find a link to the Gold Coast councils guidelines to what rights you have as a neighbor.

A stump grinder will make short work of any ugly stumps left after a tree has been removed. Talk to us about this service.

Tree lopping is an old, outdated way of cutting trees which is aggressive and very damaging to the tree. When a tree is lopped it produces shoots called “epicormic growth” which are poorly attached to the outer layer of the branch. These shoots grow quickly and without proper form and are dangerous due to their weak attachment.

Tree pruning is a targeted and much more sensitive way to achieve a very pleasing result. Pruning can train and maintain trees to fit into your property with proper form for sustainability, strength and appearance.

We are not tree loppers, All our arborists have been trained in correct tree pruning techniques and adhere to the guidelines set out for us in the Australian standard AS4373 “Pruning of amenity trees”.

Yes we are insured with $20 million in public liability to protect you, your loved ones and your property.

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