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Need Mulch? We have plenty!

Forest mulch is the by-product of a tree or branches that have been processed by our wood chipper. If we are working at your property then by all means you can keep the mulch but often customers don’t need any so we like to recycle it wherever possible. It is a fantastic product for use in your garden, some of its benefits include:

  • Moisture retention for garden beds
  • Keeps weeds at bay
  • Breaks down into the soil which in turn enhances its overall quality
  • Boosts the nutrient levels for the garden’s good health
  • It looks great! Its amazing what a difference mulching a garden bed can make to it’s appearance.

Our mulch prices can be kept down due to us delivering it straight from the job site to your property. Some loads contain palm fronds which actually create excellent mulch but just don’t chip up as neatly as timber, although this mulch still performs just as well it isn’t as good looking so these loads are often FREE! Please get in touch to arrange a delivery.

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