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Summer Branch Failure

Although we have technically left summer behind us for the year, we are still experiencing conditions very typical of summer time.

You may have noticed trees on your property or certainly you would have heard some horror stories of trees dropping large limbs, often with no sign of damage or disease prior to it falling. This is often referred to as “summer branch drop” there are many theories as to why trees do this, and no single agreed explanation. Many factors are in play including weather conditions, overall health and age of tree, the trees growth habit (crown symmetry or weight) or the strength of the branches in their unions. Studies have also shown that branch drop is also a resilience method to help the tree protect itself from lack of nutrients by minimizing the amount of branches it has to feed.

With all the rain we are experiencing at the moment the trees will have suffered from all the extra weight from the water. They have a lot of retained moisture inside and also water collecting on their leaves. You may notice long flat branches now drooping lower than usual. This is common in these wetter periods and can pose a serious threat of branch failure.

Although it can be hard or even impossible to predict which branches are likely to fail we can certainly prune your trees to reduce the risk as best we can. Long, flat branches can be pruned back reducing their length and therefor their overall weight. Dense canopies can be thinned out a little to reduce the humidity built up inside to help dry out any excessive moisture present which may lead to decay.

Overall tree health must be maintained, keep an eye on any changes in your trees and get Asset Tree Care out to inspect any concerns you may have.

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